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Dunggon Samten Choling Gompa Prayer Flags (254x127cm)

Dunggon Samten Choling Gompa Prayer Flags (254x127cm)

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1270.00mm x 2540.00mm, 50.0" x 100.0", Limited Edition of 5

When visiting the Dunggon Samten Choling Gompa monastery in Ghum, while staying in Darjeeling in India back in December 2012, I spotted these prayer flags hanging across the window inside the entrance to the shrine. I found the light and atmosphere was very tranquil and I felt very calm by this view. After capturing this view it fell to the back of my mind until very recently I got reminded of this moment in time while looking through the archives, and I quickly prepared the image so I can share this memory and experience with the world.

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